More than 5 million U.S. children have had a parent in jail or prison at some point in

their lives. The incarceration of a parent can have as much impact on a child’s                    well-being as abuse or domestic violence.  While states spend heavily on corrections,

few resources exist to support parental incarceration. Beat the Streets, Inc. (BTS) offers
common sense proposals to address the increased poverty and stress that children of
incarcerated parents experience in Antioch, California.

Beat the Streets, Inc. (BTS) will act as the “middle man” by connecting the
children’s caregiver with an action plan to help alleviate confusion and frustration while obtaining community resources so to receive positive outcome results. The action plan will help promote confidence, understanding and support for the caregiver to best support the child(ren) as to how BTS and referred resources will co-join to benefit the family as a whole. The Step-by-Step outline with a timeline of to-do’s will be a road map of direction to show all referred resources will benefit the child(ren) as a whole emotionally,

therapeutically and educationally.

Referral Process

  1.  An Action Plan will be given to each child upon an assessment of the

                                                      child’s and caregiver’s needs.

2.  Once assessed, research of resources will be written down on the Action Plan 

as a to-do for the caregiver to follow-up on behalf of the child.


          3.  Beat the Streets, Inc. (BTS) staff will make phone calls/emails, to prepare

agencies of the child’s BTS’ Referral.

4.  BTS staff will follow up with the caregiver to confirm the outcome of resources
          and to check if, they have been assisted accordingly and/or if, additional

support is needed by BTS.

**Please visit our Parenting Classes**

to begin 10/6/20

To schedule an In-take and/or for more information,

please call or email

Maria Morales

Program Director

(925) 446-7483


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