Beat the Streets, Inc. 


$250 Tuition


Who can apply? 
Young adults between the ages of 14-29 who have dropped out of school, but want to go back to achieve their GED or complete the requirements for a diploma.

What are the requirements?
Young adults who qualify to apply must enroll in an adult education school or community college and submit their student enrollment information with their application.
(School contact lists provided)

What can the scholarship get used for?
Awarded scholarships are made payable to the school of attendance and can only be used for tuition, books, or to take the GED exam. The student must first apply for government grant assistance. Scholarships are for cost not covered under grant or school assistance. 

How often can I be award a scholarship?
You may qualify for up to (2) awarded scholarships upon depletion of the prior awarded scholarship and verification of a passing grade for courses taken. Each additional scholarship request must be accompanied by the student’s account summary, their transcript, and proof of enrollment for the next scheduled courses.

What if my courses/G.E.D completion doesn't cost $250.00?
Any balance left over after you’ve successfully completed your requirements or obtained your G.E.D is yours to keep as a CONGRATULATIONS for completing your goal. 
All unused money will be refunded to Beat the Streets, Inc. for funding of other scholarships. You may reapply for a scholarship once you are ready to re-enroll in school or take the G.E.D exam.


Please e-mail Maria Morales, Program Director at 


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